About Scottish Rite Masonry and the Valley of Portland

What is Scottish Rite Masonry, and how do it and the Valley of Portland (Maine) relate to Freemasonry?
How do you benefit from becoming a member? Discover the answers here.


It is the mission of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, to improve its members and enhance the communities in
which they live by teaching and emulating the principles of Brotherly Love, Tolerance, Charity, and Truth, while actively embracing high social,
moral, and spiritual values, including fellowship, compassion, and dedication to God, family, and country.

What is Scottish Rite Masonry?

About Scottish Rite Masonry
and the Valley of Portland

Scottish Rite Masonry is an empowering fraternity that powerfully expands you beyond your own Masonic lodge. As Sovereign Grand Commander David A. Glattly has said: “It opens up the door for brotherhood with other lodges. It helps you learn more and become a better person. It EXPLODES your ability in Freemasonry and brotherhood.”

Your local Scottish Rite organization is called a “Valley.” The Valley of Portland (Maine) confers the 4th through 32nd degrees in degree-conferring meetings. The Scottish Rite is sometimes called the “University of Freemasonry” because it helps members explore the philosophy, history, religions, ethics, and ultimate truths that guide Freemasons’ lives.

A.A.S.R. Bodies
(Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite,
Northern Masonic Jurisdiction)

Each Valley has up to four Scottish Rite bodies; each body confers a specific set of degrees. These degrees teach the moral codes of a Mason. The Valley of Portland Scottish Rite bodies include:

Maine Council of Deliberation

Yates Lodge of Perfection

Portland Council of Princes of Jerusalem

Dunlap Chapter of Rose Croix

Maine Consistory

Maine Council of Deliberation Officers

Deputy for Maine – Ill. Jeffry A. Simonton, 33°
Active for Maine – Ill. Alan R. Heath, 33°
Active for Maine – Ill. A. James Ross, 33°
Deputy Representative – A. Paul Williams, 32°
Secretary – Michael J. Chambers, 32°  (secretary@valleyofportland.org)
Treasurer – Ill. James N. Edwards, 33°

The Portland Masonic Temple

Built in 1911 and listed in the National Register of Historic Places, The Portland Masonic Temple has been re-imagined and reborn as one of New England’s premiere event spaces, right in the heart of Portland. Evoking a rich history, the stately building has been a meeting place for some of Maine’s most famous Masons, including Governors, Supreme Court Justices, Attorneys General, Naval Commanders, and International Diplomats.

Children’s Dyslexia Center of Portland

Millions of school children with dyslexia endure heartbreaking frustration and demoralization each and every day. For more than two decades, the Scottish Rite Masons, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, have been national leaders in the effort to help these children and their families overcome the painful obstacles of dyslexia. Here in Maine, we actively support the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Portland, whose staff tirelessly works to help children achieve normal, fully functional lives.

For information on charities supported by the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, please click here.