Maine Consistory

The Consistory Degrees ( 19° – 32° )

The Consistory Degrees are very different from all the preceding degrees. They attempt to illustrate the creation of the ideal balance between the spiritual and the temporal.

The meetings of members of the Thirty-second Degree, or Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, are called Consistories. The elective officers are, according to the ritual of the Northern Jurisdiction of the United States, a Commander-in-Chief, Lieutenant-Commanders, Chancellor, Minister of State, Almoner, Registrar, and Treasurer. In the Southern Jurisdiction it is slightly different, the second and third officers being called Seneschal, Preceptor. A Consistory in the Northern Jurisdiction confers the Degrees from the nineteenth to the thirty-second inclusive. The Consistories in the Southern Jurisdiction confers the Degrees from the Thirty-first and Thirty-second Degrees.

Maine Consistory Seal

Maine Consistory
Officers 2021-2022

Donald W. Pratt – Commander-in-Chief
Claire V. Tusch, 33° – 1st Lieutenant
Paul M. Blank – 2nd Lieutenant
Donald A. Cyr – Treasurer All Bodies
Michael J. Chambers – Secretary All Bodies
Bruce M. Knowlton – Hospitaler All Bodies

A Consistory has the responsibility to confer the 19° - 32°.
These degrees demonstrate the challenges of social and moral conflicts.

19th Degree - Brothers of the Trail

Along the Oregon Trail in 1840, one pioneer lives up to his sacred obligation to care for his brother. Philosophy: A Mason's word is good as gold anyplace in the world where a man's word still counts for something. Core Values: Reverence for God & Integrity.

20th Degree - Master Ad Vitam

Benedict Arnold seeks pardon for his treason. Philosophy: Treason is a crime over which Masonry casts no mantle of charity. Core Values: Devotion to Country & Integrity.

21st Degree - Patriarch Noachite

Knights and Nobles come together to punish crime, reward virtue, protect the innocent, and provide aid to the needy. Philosophy: Freemasonry is not a shield for evildoing. Core Values: Justice.

22nd Degree - Prince of Libanus

A brother is introduced to wood cutters who test his willingness to put aside his rank and status. Philosophy: Honest work is honorable and noble in the sight of God and man. Core Values: Service.

23rd Degree - Knight of Valor

Based on a true incident during World War II and the heroic actions of Four Chaplains. Philosophy: This degree teaches us that faith in God will find expression in love for our fellow man, even to the ultimate personal sacrifice. Core Values: Reverence for God, Tolerance, Devotion to Country & Service.

24th Degree - Brother of the Forest

A Native American petitions for membership in a colonial symbolic lodge. Philosophy: The importance of Tolerance, and Freemasonry is a universal brotherhood. Core Values: Tolerance.

25th Degree - Master of Achievement

Industriousness is shown through the life of Brother Benjamin Franklin. Philosophy: The wages of a Mason are earned and paid in their dealing with one another. Core Values: Devotion to Country & Service.

26th Degree - Friend and Brother Eternal

Two officers, while on opposite sides of the Civil War, maintain their Masonic principles. Philosophy: Masonic unity and harmony transcend conflict. Core Values: Devotion to Country & Integrity.

27th Degree - Knight of Jerusalem

An historic clash between Pope Honorius III and Emperor Frederick II. Philosophy: When tensions arise between church and state, one must be governed by his own conscience. Core Value: Tolerance.

28th Degree – Knight of the Sun

Masonry's transformation from an operative guild to speculative moral fraternity. Philosophy: The working tools of the builders' art are used to express unique qualities of moral instruction. Core Values: Integrity.

29th Degree - Knight of St. Andrew

An incident in the long wars between Islam and Christianity in Europe is resolved by Masonic teachings and tolerance. Philosophy: No one religion has a monopoly on truth. Core Value: Tolerance.

30th Degree – Grand Inspector

A fourteenth century trial in the English civil court during the reign of Edward II is conducted. Philosophy: To be attentive, impartial, and equitable in judging others. Core Values: Justice.

31st Degree - My Brother’s Keeper

While attending St. Andrew's Lodge at the Green Dragon Tavern, Brothers Warren and Dawes come to the aid of an injured brother. Philosophy: The degree reinforces our call to service in the fraternity. Core Values: Integrity & Service.

32nd Degree – Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

The degree dramatically teaches us to choose between personal advancement and service to humanity. Philosophy: The degree represents the victory of the spiritual over the human in man. Core Values: Devotion to Country & Service.