Degree Work: October 12th

The Valley of Portland has scheduled to perform two live degrees for the Brethren that have not been put on in our Valley for some time. We will be doing the 9th Degree, “Master of the Temple”. We will also be showing the 4th Degree DVD “Master Traveler” so that any new candidate that you know of can begin his Scottish Rite Journey.
Applications are available from the Secretary.

We hope that you join us for a light dinner, witness these two degrees and get your Passport stamped.
Please RSVP to the Valley Secretary if you plan to attend or have a Candidate to bring, so we can have a count for our Caterer.

5:30 PM: Candidate Registration
6:00 PM: Presentation of the 4th Degree for new candidates
6:30 PM: Light dinner by Blue Elephant Caterers
7:15 PM: Opening of Yates Lodge of Perfection
7:30 PM: Degree Work begins

This will be the first time that we will be using our new “lighting system” in the Scottish Rite
Auditorium, which we have been talking about updating for some time and will be done this summer.