2018-2019 Valley of Portland Officers

At our Annual Meeting in May the following Officers were elected or appointed for the following year.

Yates Lodge of Perfection
Mark R. Carter, Trice Potent Master
Thomas H. Fales, Deputy Master
Edward “Andy” Caron, Jr., Senior Warden
John R. Crowley, Junior Warden
Jody J. Hersey, Orator
Open, Master of Ceremonies
Thomas G. Atwell, Captain of the Guard

Dunlap Chapter of Rose Croix
Marlon E. Welch, Most Wise Master
Justin P. St. Germain, Senior Warden
Brian S. Jackson, Junior Warden
Justin M. Wesley , Orator
Edward “Andy” Caron, Jr., Master of Ceremonies
William H. Littlefield, Captain of the Guard

Portland Council Princes of Jerusalem
James E. Dufresne, Sovereign Prince
A. Paul Williams, High Priest
Paul F. Poulin, Senior Warden
Jeremiah J. King, Junior Warden
Casey W. Graffam, Master of Ceremonies
Lionel Nima Ngapey, Master of Entrances

Maine Consistory
David A. Walker, 33°, Commander-in-Chief
Donald W. Pratt, 1st Lieutenant
Claire V. Tusch, 33°, 2nd Lieutenant
Donald A. Cyr, Treasurer All Bodies
Bradford D. Blake, 33°, Secretary All Bodies
Bruce M. Knowlton, Hospitaler All Bodies